Sleep Apnea: The Risks of Leaving Sleep Apnea Untreated

Sleep Apnea is a serious disorder and one of the major symptoms you have developed it if you find yourself experiencing chronic snoring. This form of sleep apnea is referred to as obstructive sleep apnea. Also, sleep apnea increases risks for a variety of other health issues as well. If it is left untreated then […]

Sleep Apnea And Its Relation To Your Oral Health

Sleep Apnea Do you find yourself waking up from a long night’s rest still feeling tired? Also, has your partner often complained that you snore aggressively and extensively throughout the night. If so, it may be possible that you are suffering from sleep apnea and if so, it would be very beneficial if you reached […]

Everything You Should Know About Sleep Apnea

Some people wake up dozens of time in a given night due to sleep apnea, and this has significant effects on your daily life. You will find yourself feeling more fatigued during the day.

Take Care of Your Sleep Issues During Self-Care Awareness Month

Did you know September is Self-Care Awareness Month? It’s set aside to encourage people to think about the ways they are taking care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually, according to whatever that means for them. If you suffer from daytime tiredness, headaches, poor sleep, or insomnia, take time out this month to talk to […]

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that affects millions of Americans, and it can have profound effects on your body’s systems. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms of sleep apnea are often mistaken for stress or side-effects of overwork, leading to many patients who suffer without knowing there is a treatable medical issue at the heart […]

Get a Better Night’s Sleep in 2018 by Addressing Sleep Apnea

If your 2017 was plagued by difficulty going to sleep, then start off 2018 right by seeing a dentist to see if you suffer from sleep apnea in Cornelius, NC. There are numerous sleeping disorders that can impact the quality of your sleep, so it is important to not rule any of them out. A […]

Don’t Let Your Snoring Keep the Family Awake on Thanksgiving

Are you planning on visiting with family during the holidays? The days leading up to Thanksgiving are the busiest travel days of the year for Americans, and millions of families participate in the festivities. While it’s great to spend time with loved ones, your snoring might keep everyone away. If you suffer from sleep apnea […]

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