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Whether you want to correct an uneven bite, replace dead or decayed teeth, or simply give yourself a brighter smile, there are a variety of different cosmetic dental procedures to consider. These surgical procedures have a wide range of recovery times and price ranges. Veneers, for example, require very little recovery time and are usually finished in a few days or so, while tooth bonding is a more painful procedure that has a lengthier recovery time. Here are a few things to consider when looking at different cosmetic dental procedures.


Whether you want to whiten your teeth, hide the presence of chipping, or simply improve your bite by covering up uneven teeth, veneers are a popular choice for many. This is largely because, in most cases, painkillers aren’t needed, and recovery is quick. This cosmetic dental procedure involves a straight, white set of porcelain veneers being glued over your original teeth, shaved down teeth, resulting in a permanent, painless new smile. In most cases, this procedure can be accomplished in one to two days.


Teeth bonding is another cosmetic dental procedure that involves fitting permanent partial or full false teeth by screwing fixtures into the jawbone. This cosmetic dental surgery can be painful, and is an expensive procedure, but has a variety of benefits over simple dentures. When you have fixed false teeth, you never have to worry about your teeth falling out or slipping while in a conversation. You also never have to worry about breaking or staining your false teeth, as they are built to last for decades. While replacements can be necessary, in most cases you don’t have to worry about them for at least ten or twenty years. With proper care, you can keep your bonded teeth in perfect condition for a substantially long time.


Using denture bridges as a cosmetic dental procedure is a less drastic, more affordable procedure that many patients prefer over more permanent procedures. In most cases, these dentures are formed via a bridge that fits across the roof of the mouth. In other cases, a temporary set of partial dentures are used to replace your teeth that are normally used for chewing. While you’ll need to grow accustomed to the feel and look of dentures, they aid in your smile and facial structure. Another reason they are popular is because they great for correcting crooked bites, improving speech, and keeping the shape of your face looking natural.

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