Should I Do Teeth Whitening at Home or Get a Dentist to Do It?

Once only within reach of the rich and famous, you can now find teeth whitening kits on shelves and on the other side of counters all across America. But now that teeth whitening solutions are widely available, is it really worth it to have professional whitening done at your local dentist’s office? Well, it depends on how far away you are from the results you’d like to achieve.

Whitening at Home

Some of the biggest advantages of whitening at home instead of in a dentist’s office is the fact that treatment is done at home, no appointment necessary. Over-the-counter whitening kits will also cost you considerably less money than having your teeth professionally whitened. While you’ll certainly get what you pay for when having it professionally done, the option to buy cheaper, less-intensive whitening kits in retail shops ensures this form of cosmetic dentistry is available to all – even those without dental insurance.

On the other hand, one of the biggest drawbacks of doing whitening at home is that, unless someone in your household has a dental background, you won’t get professional care or professional results. That also means there’s no guarantee you won’t experience adverse results.

When You Definitely Need to Get it Done at the Dentist’s Office

If you have fillings, crowns or similar dental restorations, you should not attempt home whitening at home without the direction of a dental professional. That’s because the substances used for crowns and fillings can’t be whitened, so the results might be an uneven white that make your smile stand out even more than if you’d not brightened your teeth at all.

If you’re wearing braces, home whitening kits should not be used, since they only bleach the exposed part of a tooth, and not the area covered by braces. Also, bleaching could change the color of the alloy in your braces too.

Where to Start

The results can be quite dramatic, depending on the route you take. Even if you opt to do whitening at home, a simple consultation with a local dentist can help you find the best over-the-counter kit and give you tips for optimal results. And of course, you’re assured great results by undergoing a whitening procedure in a dentist’s office.

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