Understanding Dental Implants

Dental Implant

Dental implants are a great and long-lasting solution to missing teeth. Getting implants will help restore your smile, but also give you the functionality of natural teeth, allowing you to live life without feeling self-conscious. White & Haines Advanced Dentistry is experienced with dental implants and offers two different types of implants and will work with you to determine what the best fit is for you.

–        Dental Implants is a popular and common procedure among those who have lost permanent teeth. The process only entails 3 steps which involve a screw that is placed in the jawbone where the original teeth used to be. The abutment is the connector that holds the new teeth in place and the crown is the actual prosthetic tooth. The crown will match the color, shape, and size of your original teeth. In addition, White and Haines Advanced Dentistry uses a state-of-the-art x-ray system for 3D scans and panoramic x-rays in order to determine the precise placement of where the implants should go.

–        Implant-Supported Dentures are a great option if you are missing numerous teeth. The process entails using a few implants (typically between 4 to 6) to support the dentures. This procedure allows you to have the option to have the dentures placed permanently in your mouth, or still be able to remove them as needed. Either option will still keep the dentures in place allowing you to have a strong bite and optimal functionality.

Many people worry about the pain or discomfort they may feel during these procedures. In order to combat that concern, White & Haines Advanced Dentistry provides oral sedation which will help you relax during the procedure. In addition, you should feel minimal pain and discomfort through the entire procedure, making it a pleasant and easy experience.

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