Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric Dental Care

Children’s oral hygiene is important and changes as they age. From infant to toddler, brushing teeth and flossing should be done in a different manner. It is always ideal to follow the guidance for proper oral health from your pediatric dentist to ensure you are properly caring for your child’s teeth.

According to pediatric dentists, oral hygiene is as important for infants as it is adults. Taking care of children’s teeth from a young age prevents any cavities or infections as much as you can. Infections can be prevalent without proper oral hygiene for infants because they are so sensitive and new. Bottles and pacifiers, along with teething toys may cause small abrasions, and without proper care, infection can begin.

When taking care of your child’s teeth, it is important to choose the correct toothbrush and paste. Adult toothpaste can kill the natural, good bacteria found in a child’s mouth, so finding the perfect toothpaste for young ages is essential. Children typically also use toothpaste with lower fluoride content, which makes the paste safer just in case it is ingested.

Taking care of your child’s teeth as soon as recommended by your pediatric dentist is imperative. When your child is of an age where they can begin brushing their own teeth, you should let them with supervision. This is important because if they are interested in taking care of their oral hygiene, they will be more apt to not let it slip through the cracks.

If you are looking for any other guidance on how to properly take care of children’s teeth, contact your pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists are skilled and properly trained to take care of young teeth and soft tissue.  It is important to schedule routine cleanings for your child as they age to ensure they know how they should be brushing their teeth.

Contact your dentist for any other questions, or if you need help on how to properly take care of your child’s teeth.



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