Preserving Your Smile During National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week

Fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juice in glass mugsFresh fruit juices straight from the source are a healthy way to get your vitamins, but they can be damaging for your teeth. The bacteria that lead to gingivitis and tooth decay don’t care if sugars are natural or if they’re part of a healthy superfood that supplies other nutrients. To the bacteria, it’s all sugar, so some of the healthiest choices for your stomach or kidneys can still be the least healthy options for your oral health.

The Best and Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

Anything with sugar is going to provoke the bacteria that cause decay by providing them with food. If you’re looking to enjoy drinks without worrying about follow-up care, then you need to plan for drinks with low to no sugar. Coffee and tea are good for avoiding tooth decay, but they can cause staining if you drink them to excess, so they’re still not the best choices. Consider these other options:

  • Clear diet sodas
  • Flavored water drinks, whether carbonated or not
  • Half-sugar juice options
  • Low to no-calorie sports drinks

Enjoying Juice and Other Sweet Drinks

When Jan. 21 rolls around and National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week starts, you can still enjoy the event, and you can still make juices part of a healthy diet. It just takes some preventive dentistry in your schedule, and some lifestyle adjustments. Your dentist can help you develop habits that minimize your exposure to the sugars that can provoke tooth decay, allowing you to enjoy any foods or drinks you want without worrying about permanent tooth damage.

Finding the best dietary habits for your health and wellness means finding a balance between the needs of the body’s different systems. When it comes to your oral health, you need to let the professionals who support you know what you’re planning so they can help you get the most benefits and the least side effects from it. Contact our office in Cornelius, NC today to make an appointment with Dr. Steven White or Dr. Brad Haines and learn more about prevention for better oral health.

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