This September 30th, Sink Your Teeth Into Oral Health on National Chewing Gum Day

This September 30th, Sink Your Teeth Into Oral Health on National Chewing Gum Day

Did you know there’s a national holiday for chewing gum? If you’re wondering why we’d celebrate lip-smacking, teeth-gumming, bubble-popping chewing gum, then maybe you don’t know that chewing sugarless gum can actually improve your oral health. In fact, your dentist in Cornelius, NC may even recommend it to help keep your mouth squeaky clean.

Cut Out the Sugar, Cut Out the Cavities

Sugarless gum isn’t just about reducing your caloric intake. Sugar is an active factor in cavity development, not in the least because it encourages growth of bacteria that feast on your enamel. Many sugarless gums come with the American Dental Association’s seal, marking them as proven contributors to oral health with demonstrable scientific results. These gums use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, which don’t have sugar’s detrimental effect on your gums.

Boost Your Mouth’s Natural Defenses

But wait, you say — there’s more? Chewing gum also stimulates your mouth to activate its natural defenses and cleaning mechanisms. You may think of saliva as just that messy stuff that keeps your mouth moist, but it’s also your mouth’s way of cleaning itself of any acids produced by bacteria in your mouth acting on food (and your teeth). You can chew gum after meals or any time during the day for a supplementary cleaning effect that can enhance — but not replace — your daily regimen of brushing and flossing.

When to Avoid Sugarless Gum (or Any Gum)

Although sugarless gum has its benefits, there are a few instances where you should avoid chewing gum or you may further damage your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Those instances are:

  • When you have loose teeth that may be pulled free by gum’s adhesive nature
  • When you have cavities or loose fillings that may crumble or break down in the gum
  • When you have bleeding gums; chewing gum may encourage swallowing bacteria-laden blood

At White and Haines, we’re fans of anything that promotes good oral health. For even better oral health, speak with a general dentist at our office in Cornelius, NC, located conveniently close to Huntersville, NC to make sure you stay up on your regular cleanings and proper dental care.

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