What You Need to Know About the Exciting World of Forensic Dentistry

 Like many people, perhaps you are simultaneously interested in television shows about criminal cases and want to make a meaningful impact through your career. If so, working in forensic dentistry in Cornelius, NC or another area could be a rewarding option.

The Duties of Forensic Dentists

 People who are knowledgeable about forensic dentistry are typically called upon to examine evidence related to living or deceased persons. They might be asked to:

  • Estimate the age of a deceased person or an individual who cannot speak
  • Identify the remains of a single deceased person or give assistance following mass casualties
  • Give insight about injuries or crime scene remains that include bite marks
  • Provide assessments related to possible incidents of child abuse, elder neglect or partner-related violence
  • Testify in civil court cases related to malpractice

 How You Could Become a Forensic Dentist

 There are many things that could spark your interest about this area of study, which is also known as forensic odontology. Maybe you got the idea to work in the field after a routine checkup at a dentist in Cornelius, NC that made you want to research ways to combine a love of law enforcement and dentistry. Whatever the specifics, your quest to get a job in this line of work starts with receiving proper training.

Forensic dentistry classes are usually offered at the graduate level and on a short-term basis. For example, the Armed Forced Institute of Pathology and the dental school at the University of Texas Health Science Center provide one-week classes for qualified students annually. However, before taking those, you will need to train to work as a dentist, and then specialize in forensics.

Nurturing your fascination about this particular type of dentistry is important but should not overshadow a commitment to your own oral health. Make an appointment at our office in Cornelius, NC today to see Dr. Steven White or Dr. Brad Haines about maintaining your smile.

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