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Sleep Apnea Treatment In Cornelius, NC And the Huntersville, NC Area

Sleep Better at Night and Feel Better During the Day With a Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is an insidious sleep disorder that robs you of rest at night and energy during waking hours. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is caused by a blockage of the airway by soft tissue. When your jaw relaxes at night, the tissue at the back of the throat or your tongue can block the air passage preventing you from getting the oxygen you need. With OSA, you can stop breathing several times during the night. Fortunately, White and Haines Advanced Dentistry offers customized snoring treatments so that you can breathe normally and enjoy a restful sleep.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

  • Snoring
  • Shortness of breath upon waking
  • Headaches
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Chronic drowsiness
  • Waking up feeling like you are choking or snorting

Why Snoring Treatment Is So Important to Wellness

The prospect of chronic fatigue and headaches without an end in sight is terrible enough but sleep apnea also increases your risk of stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Snoring may seem like a simple nuisance, but if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of sleep apnea, call our office to determine whether you need a snoring treatment.

Sleep Apnea Treatments for a Good Night’s Rest

The main treatment recommended by our doctors is a mouth guard. A mouth guard is a custom appliance created after taking impressions of your mouth. It is molded to fit your teeth so that it can maintain an ideal position for the jaw while you sleep, preventing your tongue from sliding back to block the airways.

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Make an appointment today and we will give you a reason to smile!

Make an appointment today and we will give you a reason to smile!