Take Care of Your Sleep Issues During Self-Care Awareness Month

Man Sleeping In Business Meeting Due To Sleep Apnea - Cornelius-NCDid you know September is Self-Care Awareness Month? It’s set aside to encourage people to think about the ways they are taking care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually, according to whatever that means for them. If you suffer from daytime tiredness, headaches, poor sleep, or insomnia, take time out this month to talk to a dentist about sleep apnea.

Dangers of This Condition

In the short term, this condition causes headaches and poor sleep, which some people take to be minor issues that will resolve themselves. Unfortunately, without treatment, they will not. Over the long term, the cumulative effects of poor sleep contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease, chance of stroke, and other conditions related to chronic stress. Treatment with one of the many options available to patients today is the only way to improve your sleep and your overall health if you have this condition.

Sleep Apnea Treatments

When you work with Drs. Stephen White & Brad Haines to treat the symptoms of sleep apnea in Cornelius, NC, you have the chance to treat your condition with a specially designed mouth guard that will reduce snoring and improve your airflow, lessening the restless sleep and other issues related to the condition. Patients who use this mouth guard regularly report fast improvements to their condition, and some report symptoms are reduced to the point where they are no longer noticeable. This treatment reduces:

  • Headaches
  • TMJ pain
  • Restless sleep
  • Airway blockage

As a result, it also decreases the likelihood of secondary effects like high blood pressure and stroke risk that are associated with repeated poor sleep.

Make an Appointment

If you recognize sleep apnea symptoms are hurting your sleep, it’s time for you to take steps to improve your health by contacting the office of White & Haines in Cornelius, NC. Office associates are ready to help you make an appointment for a consultation, so take care of yourself during this year’s Self-Care Awareness Month.

Make an appointment today and we will give you a reason to smile!