Understanding the Importance of the Early Treatment of Tooth Loss to Avoid Bone Loss


Losing a tooth or several teeth is most certainly an inconvenience, but it can be much more than that when left untreated. Dr. Brad Haines and Dr. Steven White and the rest of us at White & Haines Advanced Dentistry are here to help restore your smile with dental implants in Cornelius, NC, and help improve your oral health by helping you combat the bone loss that often occurs when tooth loss goes unaddressed for too long.


The Far-Reaching Effects of Tooth Loss


When you lose a tooth, one of the first things you’re probably most concerned about is how it looks to have a missing tooth. If the tooth is in the back, it might not make that much of a difference. But the truth is that it doesn’t matter if you lose a front tooth or a wisdom tooth, it’s best to restore the tooth to maintain healthy jawbones.


Over time, your tooth loss results in bone loss. What happens is your bone loses its height as well as its width, which results in decreased gum tissue, which can in turn impact your ability to speak and chew. What’s worse is that the more teeth you lose and the longer the loss goes unaddressed, the more overall functionality you lose.


Additional Effects of Unaddressed Tooth Loss


It’s not just bone loss you have to worry about, either. The overall distance between your chin and nose starts to decrease as well, which can make it look as if your face is sinking in on itself. Needless to say, this cascading effect can have quite an impact on your overall self-esteem.


To maintain your smile, overall oral health and bone structure, it’s a good idea to consider getting dental implants as soon as possible after experiencing bone loss. Discuss your options with Drs. White and Haines in Cornelius, NC and servicing the Huntersville, NC area to restore your peace of mind.

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