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You can relax while our dentists provide you with expansive dental care, from endodontics to dental implants

Your smile can be your greatest asset. Let our dentists help if you are letting anything stand in the way of you and the smile you have always dreamed of, visit the experienced dentists at White and Haines Advanced Dentistry. Our doctors and staff will remove every obstacle for you.

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Healthy smiles make us feel good about ourselves but did you know that they also promote wellness? Our dentists in Cornelius, NC, can treat gum disease and decay, replace missing teeth with beautiful, permanent dental implants, and give you a functional and cosmetic smile makeover. Treatments for temporomandibular ((TMJ)) disorder can dramatically increase your quality of life.

We Provide Comprehensive Care

  • We Provide Comprehensive Care
  • Exceptional yet affordable dental care
  • A relaxing atmosphere with 5-star amenities
  • Oral sedation and local anesthetic to address anxiety and discomfort
  • We Provide Comprehensive Care
  • Advanced dental technologies, such as same day dental crowns and laser dentistry
  • Comprehensive care, including dental implants, and endodontics
  • Financing options for greater convenience

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A Full Complement of Dental Services to Enhance Your Experience

  • Dental Implants offer you a permanent option that looks and feels just like your natural teeth. If you are missing teeth, dental implants or implant supported dentures may be the solution for you.
  • You can get a brand new crown in a single visit! We offer same day dental crowns and bridges for your convenience. Our doctors prepare your tooth, take digital impressions, design your customized porcelain crown, and bond it permanently, all in one appointment with our dentists in Cornelius, NC, Dr. Haines and Dr. White.
  • Our dentist performs endodontics to save your natural teeth. Root canals can save you the time and money you would otherwise invest in tooth restoration and get you closer to keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime.

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