Periodontal Services

Professional Periodontal Services In Cornelius, NC and Huntersville, NC Areas

Treating Gum Disease, Tooth Loss, and Bone Loss With a Full Complement of Periodontal Services

Gum disease can take quite a toll on your smile. Although many may consider gum disease unimportant, when left unchecked, it can result in loss of teeth, bone, and gum tissue. The dentists at White and Haines Advanced Dentistry want to protect your smile from infection and restore your oral health. Our experienced team offers a variety of services to help ensure the health of your smile, including gum disease treatment and bone grafts for dental implants, among others. This provides you with convenient care in one location.

Comprehensive Periodontal Services for Improved Oral Health

  • Scaling and root planing
  • Gingivectomy
  • Laser gum recontouring
  • Guided tissue regeneration
  • Periodontal maintenance
  • Bone grafts
  • Dental implants (placement and restorations)

Treating Gum Disease Without Surgery

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical method of removing the bacteria that cause gum disease. Bacteria naturally live in the mouth and accumulate in the plaque that builds up on your teeth. This treatment allows us to use hand instruments and ultrasonic tools to remove the plaque and bacteria before gum disease can cause irreversible damage to your soft tissue, teeth, and bone.

Restoring Bone Health With Bone Grafts

Bone health is important for many reasons. First, it makes up the underlying structure of your face. Second, it provides necessary support to your natural teeth. Third, a sufficient amount of bone is necessary to successfully integrate dental implants. When gum disease has caused a decrease in bone volume, bone grafts can augment density for better oral health and improved dental implant placement. Bone grafts are performed by taking bone tissue from another area of the body, typically the chin, and transferring it to the treatment site. As alternatives, bone tissue may also be used from a cadaver source, or a non-human source like a bovine.