Cracked Tooth? No Problem !

dental crowns

You may be eager to recover your smile and resolve your dental concern through some sort of cosmetic dentistry, depending on whether you were eating something hard and your tooth cracked, or you woke up one day to a broken tooth. Luckily, you have plenty of choices at your fingertips that will remedy your broken tooth and help ensure the quality of your smile going forward.

Your Options

After your tooth breaks, you might be asking yourself if the tooth should be removed and a dental implant inserted. Or, you may wonder if repairing the tooth is worth it, and then just settle for a gap in your mouth. 

First, preserving an existing tooth is often safer than removing it, and replacing it with a dental implant. Second, if you have a gap in your smile where your tooth once was , you can encounter additional dental issues, such as adjusting your teeth or bite issues.

The Perks of a Dental Crown

Instead of attempting to repair or remove a tooth that has been damaged due to external or internal injury, a dental crown is one choice that might be available to you. Dental crowns are, to put it simply, a form of cover or cap that can be attached to the top of a damaged tooth to restore its natural appearance, function and shape.

If you need a dental crown we will remove any decay around the tooth and remove the outer portion of the tooth so that the crown fits well. Then we’ll make a tooth impression and place a temporary crown on the broken tooth before the permanent crown is ready. After the permanent crown is finished, we’ll attach it firmly and attach it to the cracked tooth.

Give Us a Call

If you have any questions about dental crowns or how a crown can help you restore a broken tooth, give our Cornelius, NC office a call. Drs. White or Haines look forward to hearing from you!

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