Tooth Hurts , Here’s Why

Tooth Pain

August 3 just happens to be National Grab Some Nuts Day, and if you are a nut fanatic, you are probably already hoarding your favorite varieties in anticipation. If the thought of biting down on a hard snack has you cringing with tooth pain, however, you may want to visit White and Haines Advanced dentistry to see our dental professionals in Cornelius, NC, Drs. White & Haines first.

Causes of Tooth Pain When Eating Hard Foods

There are a few reasons why your tooth may hurt when you bite down on hard foods. One of the main reasons could be infected tooth pulp, which can be caused by erosion of the gums and teeth through the foods you eat, the drinks you consume, and lack of regular dental care. Your teeth may feel fine as you go about your day, but the moment you bite down on anything remotely hard, you feel intense pain. This is a sure sign that you need to see a dentist for a root canal.

Root Canal To Treat Tooth Pain

While some over-the-counter medications may help in the short term, the best way to treat tooth pain like this is with the help of a dental expert. If the tooth pulp is infected, you may require a root canal – which is not as scary as you may think. A root canal is a common procedure that can typically be taken care of in one or two visits. The best part is that the procedure can help your pain to go away so you can eat your favorite nuts again.

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Ignoring the pain in your teeth could make the situation worse, resulting in a swollen mouth, emergency dental care, and more medication to manage the worsening pain. If you are experiencing any tooth pain in Cornelius, NC, or are overdue for a visit to your dentist, contact White and Haines Advanced dentistry today to schedule an appointment with Drs. White or Haines. Contact our Cornelius, NC offices today!

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