Children Tooth Decay

Children Tooth Decay


From the age where you can begin taking care of your teeth, it is necessary to do so. Maintaining oral hygiene does not begin at an older age, but rather when baby teeth grow in. Prior to teeth cutting the gums on infants, it is just as important to take care of the baby’s gums.

Oral hygiene tends to be more difficult for children, because they do not know how to properly take care of their teeth and they eat more sugar than most adults do. This is a toxic combination, because lack of dental hygiene and sugar being left on teeth is a perfect combination for cavities. Cavities can be prevented in any age, it only takes attention and care. It is important for parents to help their children take care of their teeth from a young age.

Bacteria is the cause of cavities, and baby teeth are susceptible because they are new and soft. Children are known to be sugar fiends, so it is imperative their teeth are cleaned routinely. For parents, the best thing they can do is limit their child’s sugar intake and help them brush their teeth. It may take a fun way, but when children don’t find the task tedious, they will be more apt to spend time brushing their teeth.

With brand new baby teeth, it is important to at least rinse the child’s mouth after eating.

This helps reduce the chance of getting cavities. Another thing important for children is breast milk. Breast milk contains chemicals that helps fight cavities, so if you aren’t breast feeding your children, watch their teeth more carefully.  It is also a good idea to not let your child go to bed at night without brushing their teeth. First off, it is a good routine to have your child get in, but secondly it helps prevent cavities, so leftover food debris does not sit and populate bacteria.

Lastly, always take your child to regular dentist visits. This is the best way to prevent cavities as doctors can catch signs of decay and tell you what you could be doing better for the child’s hygiene. Contact your doctor for an appointment or consultation for your child’s teeth.

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