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Advanced Dental Technology - Cornelius, NC - 3D ConebeamSeeing a dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups is an essential part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Additionally, the state of your oral health can often contribute to your overall health. Issues such as tooth decay and gum disease can lead to complications from the presence of bacteria in the mouth.

Fortunately, good dental care can help reduce the risk of oral health issues and make it easy for you to maintain a beautiful smile. Dr. Steven White and Dr. Brad Haines offer numerous preventive and restorative treatments that can help keep your gums, jaw, and teeth healthy and strong. Our expert dentists in Cornelius, NC utilize some of the most cutting-edge treatments and technologies to provide the effective dental care.

Why Dental Technology Matters

Advanced technology and modern equipment are essential elements of good medical care, and dental care is no exception. At our dental office, we invest in cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and advanced treatments to provide our patients with effective care. There are several potential benefits of these unique tools, including:

  • Precise placement of dental implants
  • Custom-made porcelain crowns created in the office
  • Laser treatments to recontour gum tissue
  • Detailed views of the jaw, teeth, and sinuses

Methods such as digital impressions can reduce the discomfort and time associated with traditional dental impressions. Many of our technologically advanced treatments can help you feel relaxed with minimal discomfort and faster recovery times.

 Benefits of a 3D Cone Beam

One of the tools we use in our modern dental treatments is the 3M True Definition Intraoral Scanner. This equipment captures in-motion video and uses this data to create three-dimensional digital impressions of a patient’s mouth, including the teeth and jaw. These detailed renderings allow Dr. Haines and Dr. White to accurately diagnose oral health issues and develop completely customized and effective treatment plans.

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